The In Touch Billing group just released the 2024 Private Practice Growth Roadmap with a downloadable PDF blueprint - this includes the ‘10 commandments of private practice success’

  1. Marketing
  2. Service Diversification
  3. Benefit Verification
  4. Documentation
  5. Denial Management
  6. Payer Renegotiations
  7. Patient Payments
  8. Patient Referrals
  9. Tracking Results
  10. Payer Credentialing

Please take a look, and if it's valuable, please share with your staff.

Also included is a ‘done for you’ patient referral script. Use this script as-is, and watch your patient referrals skyrocket as your patients are transformed into human billboards.

This is the first in a series of video episodes you can expect on marketing, billing and compliance. Also, expect comprehensive training on new billing and coding updates for 2024 from In Touch Billing, as we gain clarity on the new guidelines for 2024.

In Touch Billing is an arsenal of over 200 billers and coders, a highly organized and skilled team to help you get paid. We have worked with over 10,000 practice owners over 2 decades. We don’t see ourselves as your ‘vendor’ or ‘biller’, we are your warriors who will fight for every dollar, every claim on your behalf. We fight for you, and help you to:

  • verify patient benefits and get authorizations
  • aggressively tackle all denials and get you paid every dollar that's owed to you
  • negotiate / renegotiate payer contracts every 12 months

We do all this and much more for every client, big or small. The result - you get paid more, faster.

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Let’s work smarter, together, and get you paid what you are worth.

Dr. Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT
CEO, In Touch Billing
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