Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in billing for various specialties including physicians, rehab and dental clinics. Specifically, we work with primary care, pediatric and pain management physicians. We also work with obstetricians and gynecologist physicians. We also work with physical therapists and chiropractors.

We charge a percentage of the revenue we collect from insurance companies only (patient payments are 100% yours to keep). Here’s our service fee structure:

Monthly Collections Service Fee
under $200,000 as low as 7%
$200,001 and above as low as 6%

If we collect under $200,000 in any given month, your service fee is 7% of what we collect from insurance companies in that month.

Our interests are aligned with yours. We only get paid on our performance (what we collect). The more we collect, the less you pay, proportionately. You focus on what you do best, so you are not juggling several things at one. We put our team of billers, coders, audit prevention specialists and claim denial specialists to work for you. You see more collections and less denials. Everyone wins.
Here’s the best part – we do not force clients to sign annual contracts. After the first 90 days, you go month to month and you can cancel at any time with a 60 day advance notice. No fine print. It’s our responsibility to continue to earn your business every month.

Yes, there is a minimum service fee that you will incur each month. This service fee is $1000/month. This fee covers the cost of the account manager, customer service and billers / coder assigned to your account.
The good news is this fee is applied as a service credit to your bill each month.

Let’s say you collect $75,000 a month and have a monthly minimum service fee of $1000.
You pay 7% of collections.
If we collected $80,000 for you in a given month, your service fee would be 7% of $80,000, which is $5600.
However, since you have already paid $1000, you would only be charged a service fee of $4600 (since $1000 was applied as a service fee credit for that month).
However, let’s say we only collected $10,000 in a given month. Your service fee would be 7% of $10,000, which is $700. However, since there is a monthly minimum service fee of $1,000, you would still pay $1,000.
As you grow your practice, we become proportionately less expensive. You save more with us as you grow.

Here’s a quick way to calculate your service fee, when you take our monthly minimum into account.
Suppose we collect $ in a given month, then your service fee would be $5,600 (based on 7% of collections for the tier Under $200,000) Since you were charged the monthly minimum of $1,000, your actual service fee would therefore be $4,600.

To learn more about this amount, please schedule a call with us.

Here is everything that’s included.

  • Integrated software for online eligibility verification and scheduling
  • Unlimited eligibility verification service
    (This additional service is included at no charge only for practices with monthly insurance collections exceeding $200,000)
  • Unlimited payer credentialing service
    (This additional service is included at no charge only for practices with monthly insurance collections exceeding $200,000)
  • Claim review and entry within 48 hours
  • Claim scrubbing
  • Primary claim submission (electronically and by mail)
  • ERA/EOB posting of claims
  • Claim resubmission (if needed), secondary, tertiary claim submission
  • Denial management, payer follow up
  • Monthly account review call with your account manager and reimbursement best practices overview
  • Statement generation (up to 100 patient statements are included each month. If you would like us to print and mail additional statements for you, the cost is $2 per statement including postage. This is subject to change at any time since it is dependent on several factors including costs of US mail)

No, there is no additional fee for printing and mailing paper claims.

Yes, there is an additional fee if you would like us to print and mail statements for you, if you need more than 100 patient statements mailed every month.
The fee is $2 per statement including postage. This is subject to change at any time since it is dependent on several factors including costs of US mail. You can, alternatively, print an unlimited number of statements on your own and have your office mail them to your patient.

Here’s the good news.
If you are using In Touch EMR, your claims will come over automatically to In Touch Biller Pro.
If you are not using In Touch EMR, you can fax/email us your billing logs/clinical records or give us access to your EMR / billing software, and we’ll handle the rest.

From the moment we receive the claim, we’ll make sure it’s submitted to the insurance company (electronic submission or paper claim) within 24 hours.
In most cases, we submit the claim within 2 hours.

Yes, all these services are included with In Touch Billing.

Absolutely! Just fax us your EOBs or upload them to an online HIPAA compliant folder we designate, and we’ll enter them for you.
We’ll handle all ERAs and reconcile them with patient accounts as soon as they come in, typically within 24 hours.

Yes, we send out invoices on the second Tuesday of every month.

No there are no contracts.
After the first 90 days, you are month to month with us. Cancel at any time with 60 days advance notice. No cancellation fees or penalties. The onus is on In Touch Billing to work hard to retain your business every month, and to keep you happy. Learn more about this when you click here to schedule a call to learn more about our billing services.

Yes, you can keep your existing EMR and billing software and clearing house.
Our billing service team can use your existing software setup to get you paid, since we are experienced with almost all software products on the market. We work with several hundred clients and we’ve seen every software there is.
However, if you decide to switch to In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro (and our clearing house Nextgen), we can help you migrate to a vastly superior product!
Just schedule your billing strategy call and schedule a demo or click here to schedule your In Touch EMR demo.

For billing service support, you can contact the billing department at 800-421-8442 and press 3 to transfer to billing. You can also email or call your designated account manager for support and questions pertaining to your billing.
For software customer support, you can email your account manager, call 800-421-8442 or submit a support ticket at

Yes, we send out send 3 patient statements if the balance exceeds $20.
We also receive calls from patients if they have questions about the statements.
In addition, if we receive an inbound call from patients and they want to pay by phone, we connect the call to your clinic so you can take credit card information and charge the patient.

Your clinic keeps 100% of all funds collected, and any additional AR follow up with patients (which may or may not be needed) would come from your clinic.

Please schedule a call with us to learn ways to proactively keep the patient AR as low as possible (we will help you set and manage expectations with patients from day one).

Any other patient AR follow up, including but not limited to:

  • outbound calls to patients to remind them about payments
  • collecting credit card information and processing payments when patients want to pay over the phone as a direct result of outbound call activity
  • any collection activity something that would be handled by your clinic.

This is handled by your clinic.
We recommend that you work directly with patients to collect patient responsibility and / or set up payment plans with them, and / or involve a collection company if the unpaid patient balance exceeds $100 after 90 days past due.

No, when patients are ready to make a payment over the phone, they will be asked to wait, and we will conference in your clinic to collect that information directly from the patient.

At In Touch Billing, we follow a unique mechanism to get you paid.

Phase I - The Detective Phase - Initial Assessment of your Outstanding AR

We identify and analyze everything done in the past, before we start work. We work closely with clients to create an ‘adjustment policy’, which creates a foundation for all future work. We also analyze timely filing limits and several other factors.

Phase II - The Moneyball Phase - Like Getting You Paid Before The Claim is Submitted

We go several steps beyond traditional billing services. We know the filing/appeal limits for all major carriers, we verify all information is correct, and we identify the right person to contact at the payers end. We proactively analyze all documentation, all codes and modifiers before the claim is submitted. It’s as if we get you paid even before the claim is submitted.

Phase III - The Policing Phase - Pressuring the Payers to Pay You with our Proprietary 3-pronged Approach

Submitting a claim with the right codes isn’t enough. We use a combination of letters, faxes and phone calls with proprietary scripts to get you paid. Not only do we appeal claims that have exceeded the timely filing limit, we become your advocates by putting payers on the defensive for you. We don’t allow the payers to dictate terms. We take control of the process since we advocate for you. For example, did you know that you have a right to complain to the OIG, if the payer is not paying you within a designated time frame? The payer is legally obligated to respond within a designated time period.

Everything we do before and after your claim is submitted makes us different. We prime you for success even before we submit a single claim.

Pre-launch - We audit your practice before you come on board.

Launch - We spend the first 60 days understanding your billing patterns and collaborating with your staff.

Post-launch - We provide recommendations to optimize your claims and improve reimbursements. We renegotiate payer contracts. We verify benefits.

Collaboration between In Touch Billing and your staff.

We collaborate with your front desk and handle all payer communication and patient communication. Your staff is part of our shared vision of success. Your staff and our staff work together towards a common goal - the success of your clinic.

Your staff collects patient payments and focuses on building patient relationships. Your staff helps your practice get more referrals.

We prioritize all unpaid claims based on:

  • High Dollar Claims with High Aging - Claims with a high dollar amount approaching the timely filing limit.
  • High Dollar Claims with High Recency - Claims with a high dollar amount more recent in nature. Usually, these claims are denied because of singular factors (missing modifiers, payer guideline updates.
  • Low Dollar Claims with High Recency - These claims have higher probability of payment since they are more recent in nature.
  • Low Dollar Claims with High Aging - These are important to handle, but only after the 3 categories above are handled.

We provide an update about every single claim in a HIPAA compliant, online folder with all clients.

Proactive claim denial management is a more efficient strategy than reactive measures.

We encourage clients to schedule a ‘monthly AR meeting’ to discuss the 'big picture' and ‘needle movers’ with your account.

All clients are encouraged to set aside 20 minutes every month to review their AR with their In Touch Billing representative.

On these calls, we proactively discuss questions related to claim denials, identify areas to improve collections, and make best practice recommendations for your front desk and clinicians. We are also open to feedback about the work we do, so we can collaborate more effectively.

We monitor denial rates on a daily basis. We anticipate payment based on the date the claim was submitted. If the payment is not received, we can anticipate a denial and prepare an appeal proactively.

For each client, and for each claim, we use a specially designed appeal letter. This is precisely crafted to trigger an instant response from the payers.

We are aware of all the ‘payer tricks’ like downcoding claims, and we appeal aggressively with supporting documentation. As long as the claim is supported by medical necessity, we will get you paid. We will retrieve supporting documentation and make sure all ICD-10, CPT codes and modifiers are submitted correctly.

With Workers Comp and Auto Payers, this is a common issue.

Once the paper claim is mailed out with supporting documentation, we follow up on day 7 to verify receipt.

If needed, we mail / fax out claims again and continue to follow up until receipt is confirmed by the payer.

We prepare a detailed AR report for you every month. This will include insurance aging and claims status of every single claim above 60 days AR. Your practice will know everything it needs to measure financial health, including the average accounts receivable period and average claim collection cycle. In addition, you will have real-time access to all the reports available in In Touch Biller Pro. Please click here to download an example of a monthly AR report that we prepare for our clients.

With our streamlined AR processes, multi-layer audit and stringent claims follow up mechanism, our benchmark is that the AR above 90 days should be at or below 10% of your total AR.

A dedicated account manager at In Touch Billing will reach out to you, and schedule a 20 minute AR review meeting each month.

We use our decades of insight to provide you with a comprehensive collection report. We work closely with you to proactively identify issues, implement fixes and prevent denials. The goal is to help you get paid more, faster.

In Touch Billing clients can click here to schedule a call with their account manager to review the monthly AR report, and best practices to improve reimbursements.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch Billing can slash your billing costs and boost revenue.

Schedule this no-obligations call. Ask for a FREE billing audit to learn new ways to increase revenue and reduce denials.


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