Drastically Cut Your Billing Costs
& Slash Denials to Maximize Revenue
Without Having to Switch Your EMR! You care for your patients. Let us care for you.

Keep your existing EMR & billing software if you prefer. Or switch to In Touch EMR & In Touch Biller Pro. With In Touch Billing, get an entire team of billers, coders, auditors and claim denial specialists at your fingertips by phone 7 days a week. The result – more revenue with less headaches and more freedom so you can take better care of your patients.


Most practices think they are collecting every dollar that’s owed to them. They are content with their EMR, billing software and biller. They believe they’re getting paid what they should. But this can be an illusion.

It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you.
It’s what you know to be true that simply ain’t so


As human beings, we hold on to our set beliefs, guarding them like prized possessions. We look for information to validate what we think is true. This is a scientific phenomenon called ‘confirmation bias’. The problem with confirmation bias is that, when our beliefs are wrong, they hold us back. Big time. Let’s be open to the possibility that some things must change.

Be open to the reality that if you want to get paid every dollar that’s owed to you, you need:


An analysis of which codes pay you the most, and which payers pay the most.


An analysis of which codes pay you the most, and which payers pay the most.


A dedicated team that gets you paid, and fights for every dollar that’s owed to you. One or two or even three people in-house isn’t enough. You need an army of AAPC certified, experienced billers and coders, constantly keeping up with new payer guidelines and new rules.


A plan to get phase out low paying payers and ramp up high paying payers.

That’s what we do at In Touch Billing Services. Allow us to prove this. Schedule a ‘reimbursement audit’ call where we can identify ways to increase your income. You will speak with a professional reimbursement & revenue collection specialist. Together, we will find new ways to increase your revenue.

If you like our recommendations, and you want us to handle your billing, we’ll let you know if a spot is available to work with us. We’re not a one-size fits all firm and we only take on win-win relationships. If we can’t help you, we’ll refer you to someone who can. If we take you on as a client, we charge 6%-7% of what we bring in for you from the insurance companies. Patient payments and copays are 100% yours. We have helped clients double their income within 12-24 months of working with us and we can do the same for you.

In Touch Billing specializes in medical billing for all types of private practices including rehab clinics (PT / OT / Chiropractic), physicians and pain management clinics. We go above and beyond a ‘regular billing service’ because we’ll give you tools to get more patients, document effectively and monitor your metrics intelligently. This allows you to grow your practice and increase revenue.



If you prefer your own EMR and billing software, our team can easily use your existing software to get you paid. You don’t need to switch your EMR and billing software and clearing house if you don’t want to! We are experienced with almost all EMR and billing softwares. If you need an integrated EMR and billing software, we’ll save you thousands of dollars each month if you decide to switch to In Touch EMR & In Touch Biller Pro. Schedule a reimbursement audit call and we’ll show you a demo of In Touch EMR and In Touch Biller Pro as well!
Regardless of which EMR and billing software you use, there are 10 things your biller must do to increase insurance reimbursements & set the stage for 2024!




Transparent Pricing.
Total Peace of Mind.
No Long Term Contracts.
Leave all the Headaches to Us.

Our interests are aligned with yours. We only get paid on performance (what we collect). The more we collect, the less you pay, proportionately. You get to focus on what you do best, so you are not juggling several things at one. We put our team of billers, coders, audit prevention specialists and claim denial specialists to work for you. You see more collections and less denials. Everyone wins.

Here’s the best part – we do not force clients to sign annual contracts. After the first 90 days, you go month to month and you can cancel at any time with a 60 day advance notice. No fine print. It’s our responsibility to continue to earn your business every month.

Monthly Collections Service Fee
under $200,000 as low as 7%
$200,001 and above as low as 6%

Service Fee Calculator

Service fee is 7% of $100,000 = $7,000

Monthly Collections


Client Reviews and Ratings

Discover what clients have to say about In Touch Billing services and their overall experience.

Unlimited Eligibility Verification & Unlimited Credentialing Services
(Limited Time Promotion – Not Available Anywhere Else)*

* Only available with monthly collections of over $200,000
For other clients, discounted pricing is available

All In Touch Billing clients get a dedicated billing account manager who’s available to answer your questions about your cash flow and help you identify at least ONE area of improvement to your cash flow each month. We’ll help you get paid more, faster.

The best part, we become an extension of your front desk and call insurance companies to verify patient benefits before the patient steps into your clinic. We do this the old-fashioned way by getting payers on the phone, since online patient benefit verification can be incomplete or outdated. Our eligibility verification service reduces denials. Eligibility verification is also available as a stand-alone service, but it is made available at no extra charge to qualifying In Touch Billing clients.

Our Credentialing department also renegotiates contracts for all our clients every year. This ensures you get paid more each year. You will also have the option to add on an integrated software suite of EMR, billing software and clearing house services in one integrated solution.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch Billing can slash your billing costs and boost revenue.

Schedule this no-obligations call. Ask for a FREE billing audit to learn new ways to increase revenue and reduce denials.

Use any EMR / Billing Software.

Unprecedented Monthly Effort from our Team to Identify Underlying Trends.

If you want to keep your existing EMR and billing software, that’s fine! In Touch Billing is ‘software agnostic’ which means we can grow your practice regardless of which EMR and billing software you use. Our goal is to analyze key metrics to grow your practice. Regardless of which software you use, the In Touch Billing staff will always use available data to make the right decision for your practice.


View information such as:

  • Applied Payment Trending
  • Unapplied Payment Trending
  • Total Payment Trending
  • Miscellaneous Payment Trending

We dig deeper into payment information by drilling down to areas like:

  • Deposits
  • Adjustments
  • Collections

We help you identify where your money is coming from, and how it is being applied to your Accounts Receivables. We help you keep track of all the payments you receive, and make sure that payments are being applied within 24 hours. We track your adjustments and collections to monitor bad debt and write offs.


We track information such as:

  • Total Provider FTE’s (FTE = full time equivalent)
  • Procedure Per FTE
  • Charges Per FTE
  • Collections Per FTE

We analyze data based on:

  • RVU by FTE (RVU = relative value unit)
  • Number of patient visits


  • Cancellation rate
  • No show rate
  • Average reimbursement per visit
  • Most common reasons for claim denials

Accounts Receivable (AR) Data and Trending

View information such as:

  • Insurance AR
  • Patient AR
  • Total AR
  • Months in AR Trending

We look at two things mainly.

  • How much you are getting paid
  • How fast you are getting paid

Accounts Receivable is the single most important indicator of the financial health of your practice. It is important to monitor the productivity of all your clinicians to identify areas of inefficiency instantly and improve them. With our billing service, we’ll help you answer questions like

How many procedures is this provider billing on average?

How much has been collected per visit for this provider?

What are the charge amounts?

In Touch Billing Success Stories and Track Record

We have helped grow thousands of private practices over the years with a combination of software, workshops, and training programs. We recognize that basic elements like an EMR, billing software and a clearing house by themselves do not build a successful practice. They are just components of the bigger picture.

What you need is a billing service and a team that can help you with compliance and clinical documentation requirements. When you put great software in the hands of outstanding, dependable clinicians and billers, you’ll build a successful practice.

In June 2024 alone, our billing software has been used to process over $1 billion in collections and millions of insurance claims from thousands of payers in every state across the country. We are based in Denville, NJ and our billing staff is located in the United States and overseas, to help you lower your costs and maximize your revenue.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch Billing can slash your billing costs and boost revenue.

Schedule this no-obligations call. Ask for a FREE billing audit to learn new ways to increase revenue and reduce denials.


Improved Efficiency, Control & Transparency Compared to any In-House Billing Team

You get a dedicated team to help with benefits verification, documentation review and claims scrubbing prior to submission. You also get a team to follow up with claim denials so you are paid every dollar that’s owed to you, as fast as possible.

Online patient eligibility verification leads to automatic patient chart creation at the front desk, which minimizes billing errors at the outset.

Our claim scrubbing technology combined with a painstaking manual overview of each claim ensures a 99.5% claim acceptance rate.

Insight into all the payer rules allows us to bill quickly, allowing you to maximize your cash flow.

Aggressive follow up and denial management processes improve cash flow by helping your practice get paid more, faster.

Automated compliance and security alerts to document quickly, efficiently and increase staff productivity in the process.

Simple, easy to understand patient statements help increase patient payments.

In 10 minutes, we’ll show you how In Touch Billing can slash your billing costs and boost revenue.

Schedule this no-obligations call. Ask for a FREE billing audit to learn new ways to increase revenue and reduce denials.


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